When I lived at home my father did most of the cooking and he passed his skills and passion for cooking on to me. I have always enjoyed working in the kitchen, in fact many many years ago my dream was to become a baker. Now, I am heading towards a different career. Born and raised in Oslo, Norway, I have spent the last three years in London studying for my Bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition. I am now living in New York, studying for my Master’s in Nutrition and Dietetics – Clinical Nutrition at NYU. On a daily basis I cook mostly healthy meals, but I still like to make a treat every so often. My boyfriend and my sister are both very good photographers, and having lived with them for two years now you can probably see from my food photography that I haven’t really had too much practice. You can maybe tell from my posts when my boyfriend has helped me out with the pictures 🙂 I guess I’ll have to work on my photography skills now that I live in New York, away from the boyfriend and the sister.

When I am not cooking up a storm I enjoy running, walking around the city, going to the cinema, and spending time with my boyfriend and my friends.

In Little Venice, London, with the boyfriend

In Little Venice, London, with the boyfriend


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