Too Late for Easter

This post is a little late, but I haven’t had time to post until tonight. I made these cute little sugar cookies the other day, just in time for Easter. I don’t really celebrate Easter at all, but ever since Halloween I’ve been looking for an excuse to decorate sugar cookies again. After I had made the dough, rolled it out, and placed it in the fridge to chill, I went out for a run. My plan was to pick up some egg-shaped cookie cutters on my way back, but the store was all sold out. I decided to cut the egg shapes myself, which took so much time I ended up staying up till way after midnight decorating the cookies. But it was worth it in the end, just look how pretty they turned out!

I followed the same recipes that I used for my Halloween cookies, but I forgot to chill the cookies for 15 min after I had cut them. As far as I can tell, the only difference was that the cookies weren’t as flat as they should have been. I thought my cookies looked pretty good… until I headed over to Annie’s Eats, she is so talented and everything she makes always turns out so pretty.

It’s time to go back to studying now. Lately it feels like I have so much work at school that it’s never going to end. The weather has been gorgeous in New York these past few days, which makes it even sadder that I have to stay inside studying all day. But, it’s not all work and no play. My dad and my sister came over to visit and we’ve had so much fun. We have had so much amazing food, and we rented bikes one day which was such a fun and different way to see Manhattan.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week!


3 responses to “Too Late for Easter

  1. The patterns are lovely!
    I’m always impressed with the care you take with presentation, I am such a more sloppy cook…

  2. Rita,

    Your Easter cookies were delicious, as well as beautiful. Brittany brought a few home to share and we enjoyed every bite. Thanks!

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