Double Chocolate Layer Cake

My second time making the cake

My second time making the cake

I thought it was only suitable that this should be my first post. This was the first recipe I discovered when I started looking at food blogs. After spending hours looking through photos at Food Gawker and Taste Spotting, this was the recipe that caught my attention again and again. The recipe has an incredible 1285 reviews (and counting) on Epicurious, which I took as a good sign that this would be an amzing cake. Take a look yourself, most of the reviews basically say that this is the best chocolate cake ever. I couldn’t have stumbled upon this recipe at a worse time. I was in my last month of completing my Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and I had three exams, a coursework and the final dissertation to do! But, in between all the reading and writing I had one thing to look forward to; my friend Sarah’s 21st birthday party. Weeks in advance I had offered to make her the perfect cake. As the party grew nearer I think I spent about half my waking hours doing actual, necessary work for uni, and the other half reading reviews and taking notes on how I would perfect this cake! And it was all worth it. Everyone loved the cake and my exams went well. No wonder I decided to make it again for my friends back home in Norway for Tine’s 24th birthday party!

The recipe was originally published in Gourmet, March 1999, but can be found freely on Epicurious. I did not have any problems making the cake, it was actually quite easy and straightforward. I did not have the cake tins recommended and ended up using one 22 cm and one 23 cm. It looked a bit funny and uneven when I assembled the cake, but I just filled in the extra room with chocolate ganache. I mean, you can’t really have too much chocolate? Even though I am a big fan of chocolate I feel that it can be too heavy sometimes. For this reason, I decided to fill and top the cake with raspberry whipped cream both times I made the cake. Not only did it look great with the pink cream and the dark chocolate colour, but it tasted great as well. Because I filled the cakes with the cream, I ended up with way too much ganache frosting. So, for anyone else using another filling instead of the ganache, I would recommend reducing the portion by a fourth. That should make for sufficient frosting to cover the entire cake.

The original recipe states that this cake serves 12 – 14. I don’t know how big pieces you serve over in the US, but both times I made this cake for birthday parties I was left with about half a cake! This cake is so rich it could probably serve 30 people for dessert.

Serving my cake at a 21st birthday party

Serving my cake at a 21st birthday party

For all the chocoholics out there: this is the cake for you!


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